What to consider when selecting the proper diaphragm material

- Chemical resistance
- Estimated flex life
- Temperature limitations
- Abrasion resistance
- Cost

Neoprene (CR)
Excellent for non-corrosive abrasive applications.
Identifcation: dull black with no color dot
Temperature range: -18°C to 82°C

Buna-N (NBR)
Excellent for petroleum based fluids.
Identifcation: black with a red or pink dot
Temperature range: -12°C to 82°C

Nordel™ (EPDM)
Excellent for low temperatures, caustics
and some acids.
FDA Compliant EPDM Material (must be specifed).
Identifcation: black with green dot
Temperature range: -40°C to 100°C

Viton® (FKM)
Excellent for aggressive fluids and high temperature
Identifcation: black with silver or blue dot
Temperature range: -29°C to 120°C

Hytrel® (TPEE)
Excellent general-purpose diaphragm for non-corrosive
abrasive applications and high-flex life. FDA compliant material.
Identifcation: Tan/Cream Thermoplastic
Temperature Range: -18°C to 120°C

Santoprene® (TPO)
Excellent for acids or caustics with a very high flex life.
Identifcation: Black Thermoplastic
Temperature Range: -23°C to 100°C

Teflon® (PTFE)
Excellent choice for pumping highly aggressive fluids, including
Identifcation: White Thermoplastic
Temperature Range: 4,5°C to 100°C

Bonded Diaphragms
TU® (PTFE with EPDM backing)
This so called high performance easy clean PTFE
diaphragm has earned its reputation already in the ink, paint
and printing industry for more than 10 years. In this 24/7
industry the diaphragm has proven its reliability. This high
flexible PTFE diaphragm has at least a 3 times better estimated
life time compared to standard PTFE diaphragms. Standard
diaphragms have thread, nuts and center disks inside the liquid
area. The TU diaphragm has a rod connection only at the air
side and an easy to clean liquid surface. This means no ink or
paint residue will accumulate behind bolts, center disks etc.
which prevents color contamination.

* Please note that excessive inlet pressure or excessive suction
lift can shorten diaphragm life. Please consult Yamada for
further information.

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