Find here the most frequently asked questions about our AODD diaphragm pumps.

Frequently asked questions

What are the temperature rates of the diaphragms?

Rubber diaphragm Temp. limitations; BUNA-N (NBR) -12º to 82ºC; NEOPRENETM (CR) -18º to 82ºC; NORDEL ® (EPDM) -40º to 100ºC; VITON ® (FPM) -29º to 120ºC; Thermo plastic diaphragm (stiff materials); HYTREL ® (TPEE) (Beige color) -18º to 120ºC; SANTOPRENE ® (TPO) (Black color) -23º to 100ºC; TEFLON ® (PTFE) 4º to 100ºC; Combination diaphragm Long life easy clean PTFE/EPDM Bonded (TU) (Blue color) 0º to 100ºC (N)DP-10 UNTIL 25; PTFE/CR Bonded (TU) (Blue color) -10º to 80ºC NDP-50 (40 and 80 are coming)

What particles can I pump with my yamada pump?

NDP-05 SERIES 0,0mm; DP-10/15 SERIES 1,0mm; NDP-15 SERIES 1,0mm; NDP-20 SERIES 2,0mm; NDP-25 SERIES 4,8mm; NDP-40 SERIES 7,0mm; NDP-50 SERIES 8,0mm; NDP-80 SERIES 10,0mm; SOLID PRO 50-FAN 50,0mm Soft particles; 30,0mm Hard particles

Can a Yamada pump run dry?

Yes, an AODD Yamada pump can run dry.; Only this is not recommended for PTFE fitted pumps!; And be aware of life time and energy use during dry running!

Can I dead head a Yamada AODD pump?

Yes.; The discharge line may be closed with no power consumed, no temperature increases, and without damage or wear.; The pump will simply stop when discharge pressure exceeds the air pressure. No pressure relief valve is needed.; DP/XDP are the best choice for dead-head applications.; Avoid using the NDP-15 series.

Can I submerse my AODD Yamada pump?

Yes, you can.; Just run an air hose from the exhaust of the pump above fluid level.; WARNING: It depends on the chemical resistance of the used materials, if you can submerse the pump into the liquid being pumped!

Is a Yamada AODD pump self priming?

Yes, our AODD pumps are self priming.; Wet suction up to 9 meters.; Dry suction best with rubber fitted pumps and at low speeds.

Can I return products to Yamada Europe

Yes, it is posible to return products to us. Please go to our service page and download the 'Request to Returnshipment' form from there. Fill out this form and send it to sales@yamada.nl. After that our customer service team will inform you how to proceed.

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