Accurate flow control and measurement options. Less parts and extended life expectancy of moving parts including
diaphragms. Low pressure movement (from 0,7Bar) is possible in some cases. Unmatched start stop reliability, remote
monitoring and control. Variable pump speed control. And many more.

Yamada’s range of electrical controlled pumps with direct mounted 5/3 solenoid valves 24V DC are specially designed
for process applications which require metering, batching or variable of constant flow control.These pumps offer extreme
operation reliability, parts life time and a perfect balanced energy consumption. They are well suited to intense process
applications. All DM(B)(X) pumps are operated through a locally positioned or remote PLC device (sold separately) and
are available beside standard also as ATEX (X) approved in combination with the conductive pump materials such as
metals, Kynar (PVDF) or Acetal.

Up till the NDP series 25, Yamada offers standard a DMB motor. The motor is specially prepared for direct mounting of the solenoidvalves. The motors of NDP-5, 10 and 15 are made of a conductive plastic, which means they are suitable for an ATEX environment in combination with ATEX coils. For series 20, 23, 25 and 32 Yamada offers an aluminum DMB motor which of course can be protected with the well known high quality PTFE coating Yamada offers.

For series DP-10 and NDP-40, 50 and 80 we use special adaptor plates to mount the 5/3 solenoids, replacing the standard
pneumatic valve house.

Al pumps can be combined with a sensor for center rod movement detection, stroke or cycle counting , sensor shifting or in
extreme situations for calibration. With cycle length calibration a PLC is able to use just a certain percentage of the cycle movement for fne dosing.

For more information, please contact Yamada or your local distributor

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