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Our history

Yamada Europe B.V., a wholly owned subsidiary of Yamada Corporation, was established in 1986 to provide sales, service and support for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, through a highly trained network of distributors.

Yamada Corporation

Yamada Corporation has been a leading producer of industrial equipment since 1905, and of fluid handling products for over 60 years. As a leader in pneumatic pumping technology, Yamada is known in many industries worldwide for its innovative products, superior quality and unmatched reliability.
Yamada has an impressive history of delivering new products and solving customer problems which confirm Yamada's position as the industry leader.

Yamada's reputation for manufacturing top quality products, allied with continuing efforts in research and development have created a strong foundation for market leadership. As an ISO9001 certified corporation, stringent quality procedures are followed throughout the manufacturing process, including testing of every pump prior to shipping.

Yamada Corporation has its primary headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, with manufacturing based in Sagamihara City.
Assembly facilities are located in Chicago, Illinois, USA, Hengelo, The Netherlands and Bangkok, Thailand.

Our professional staff provides:
- Customer service
- Product training
- Research & development
- Parts and service for all Yamada pumps
- Application engineering
- Industry knowledge

With a wide customer network, Yamada is in position to service the global market needs worldwide. Contact Yamada Europe for the closest distributor location.

We build our pumps with quality and innovation. This is the cornerstone of the Yamada design and manufacturing process.

About the symbol mark

(Established October 1, 2015)
Our company changed its name from “Yamada Oil Manufacturing Co., Ltd.” to “Yamada Corporation” in 1990.Changed to logo and used to date.
This year is the 110th anniversary of our founding, and we have formulated the group vision “Toward 2025” for the 100th fiscal year of 2025. The planned new medium-term management plan "Hop !! 2018" has begun.
In this year, which may be a milestone in business, a new “symbol mark” with multiple meanings will be established.

Meaning in the symbol

(1) The shape of the three rings overlapping (the upper ring does not show a panoramic view from the viewpoint of design, but is actually included)

Express a company in which customers, shareholders, employees and all stakeholders can grow together.
Expresses the overall and mutual growth of the three core businesses (pump business, car maintenance equipment business, and work environment improvement equipment business) defined in the Group Vision Toward 2025.

② Shape where two rings overlap

Two rings represent the two diaphragms connected to the left and right of the diaphragm pump, the main product representing our core business "pump business".
Representing the front and rear wheels of an automobile with two wheels after our core business "Car Maintenance Equipment Business". (Car maintenance. Expressing tire equipment)
The keyword “environment” in our core business “Working Environment Improvement Equipment Business” is highlighted, representing the earth and the universe, and expressing our corporate stance to protect the global environment.
An expression reminiscent of the "Global Leading Company" defined in the Group Vision Toward 2025 from the perspective of the two circles of the Earth and the universe.

③ Center part where circles overlap

"Y", which is the initial letter of our company name, is represented graphically, representing the existence of our company (company) at the center of all the above circles.
An expression reminiscent of the idea that a person is spreading his arms and supporting a circle from the word "company is a person."

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